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About 125 kilograms of equipment will be taken to St. Eustatius from Poland. The DXpedition will be prepared for operation on low bands as well as on higher frequencies. Here is the list of the basic equipment:

  • Three transceivers: K3, IC-7000, IC-706MKIIG
  • Two 500W power amplifiers
  • Vertical antenna for 160m
  • Vertical antenna for 80m
  • GP7 multiband vertical (40 - 10m)
  • 2 el verticals for 20, 17 and 15m
  • K9AY receiving setup
  • Beverage antenna
  • Three power supplies
  • About 200m of feeder
  • Two computers
  • Dunestar bandpass filters
  • Paddles, cables, switches, connectors etc.

The DXpedition is prepared to work on all HF bands and to operate SSB, CW and RTTY.