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In general Janusz SP6IXF and Wlodek SP6EQZ are determined to pay all costs of this DXpedition themselves. However they welcome any possible support as the island is not a cheap place and also they have to pay some extra money for they luggage (about 125 kilorams).

Any possible support can be transfderred via PayPal. All sponsors will be listed here on the webiste and on the QSL cards. It's really easy to donate this DXpedition via PayPal - just click the button below and follow the instructions (you do not have to have a PayPal account to donate):

Please find below the list of HAMs or organizations supporting the DXpedition:

  • IK8NII
  • JA4DND
  • JA6BZI
  • JR1NHD
  • K4MSG
  • NI0C
  • OH2BN
  • SM4DHF
  • SP DX Club
  • SP1NY
  • SP2JKC
  • SP2JMB
  • SP3DIK
  • SP3FAR
  • SP5ES
  • SP5IXI (aka VK6DXI, 9V1XE, 7X0DX, Z21DXI)
  • SP5UAF
  • SP5WA
  • SP5XVY
  • SP6FXY
  • SP6IXU
  • SP8AJK
  • SP8HXN
  • SP8TJU
  • SQ8J
  • SP9JZU
  • SP9PT
  • SQ9MZ
  • VE3AWF
  • W2NLS